Reasons I Hate Movies: #2 – Low Expectations

Perhaps the only thing worse than the tendency of movies to raise my expectations only to then let me down is their tendency to unapologetically create low expectations.  It never ceases to amaze me how willing moviegoers (myself sometimes included) are willing to go see a film that we already know will suck before we shell out our ten dollars and hours of our day to see it.

This is most common during the summer.  When I once commented that this summer’s “blockbuster” X-Men Origins: Wolverine looked terrible, a friend gave the reply “well, it’s not supposed to be good.”  Another friend who was trying to defend Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, responded to my comment that it looked stupid by saying “well, yeah, but it’s supposed to be stupid.”  At various times I’ve heard lines like “I’m not saying it’s good, but you should still see it” or “well, of course it was bad, but I knew it would be bad when I went to see it, so I enjoyed it,” or “yeah, I knew it was going to be terrible, but I went to see it because, you know…”

No, I don’t know.  In what other medium would any of this ever be okay?  If I hear that a book sucks, I don’t read it.  Period.  If reviews of a video game are terrible then I stay away.  And I don’t think I’m alone in this.  But for some reason, when it comes to movies, we are more than willing to hand over our money to see something based purely on the hope that it might not be as bad as we are expecting.

Now I understand the desire to sit in a dark cool place and eat popcorn and candy.  And, sure, it would be weird if we just did that and there was nothing on the screen.  But as long as there is something on the screen, and we’re paying to see it, then it should maintain a certain level of quality.  But instead, we’ve actually come to expect the awfulness and to not only forgive it, but to support it by paying exorbitant ticket prices so that the studios can recoup their hundred million dollar investments on complete drivel.  Forget health care – this might be the most screwed up industry in America.

And this is another reason I hate movies.

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