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I am no movie buff.  Let me get that out of the way right up front.  The list of “great” or “classic” movies that I haven’t seen is shocking in its length and diversity.  Casablanca?  Nope.  Citizen Cane?  Uh-uh.  The Breakfast Club?  Never.  The Goonies?  No.  Titanic?  Not a chance.  The list just goes on and on and includes both films that are artistic milestones and those that are icons of pop-culture.

More shocking, though, is the list of “great” or “classic” movies that I have seen and that I hate.  The Godfather?  Boring.  Vertigo?  I fell asleep twice in one viewing.  The Big Lebowski (this one probably causes the most outrage)?  Yawn.

Now, let me make one thing clear: it’s not that I have bad taste in movies, it’s that I don’t really like movies, period.

So what on earth am I doing writing a blog about movies?

I liken it to the serial dater (for proof of knowledge of this subject, see my original blog).  We’ve all known (or been) this person: he goes out on date after date and never meets anyone that he’s interested in.  On the one hand, we all know that he has intimacy issues and that most of the people he goes out with are probably perfectly lovely people, maybe even exceptionally lovely people.  Be that as it may, the serial dater’s critiques are still interesting even in spite of (or perhaps because of) their ridiculousness.  While, on the one hand, we might feel exasperated at comments like “I can’t date her because she holds her wine glass weird,” or “her favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden,” or “she’s really bad at checkers,” on the other hand, such comments are interesting if for no other reason than they make everyone else feel good to know that their lives aren’t so filled with cynicism and disdain.  I feel that my thoughts on movies can provide a similar life affirming purpose for others.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is what happens when the serial dater finally finds someone and gets in a relationship.  The inevitable reaction from all of his friends is “I have gotto meet this person.”  And the real reason we want to meet this person is a morbid curiosity to know what kind of person could successfully traverse the serial dater’s minefield of pettiness and cynicism.

Again, I see my taste in movies in a similar manner.  If I actually like a movie then others should take note.  Not because I have exquisite taste, but because it will, at the very least, be something different and, in this culture of recycled crap in film, “different” is as compelling a reason to see a movie as any.

My disdain for movies does, however, pose one small problem for a blog such as this – I simply don’t watch enough movies to keep it going on a regular basis.  So, here is my solution: for every movie that I see, there are probably two or three beloved movies that I hate.  So, in between posts about movies that I’ve recently seen I’ll also provide occasional commentaries on why beloved movie X is, in fact, an over-rated pile of cinematic dung.  In fact, barring a stroke of creative inspiration, that might even be the title of these posts.  Also, just to prove that I’m not a completely embittered misanthrope who sits around wallowing in bile, I might also occasionally provide commentaries on those rare classic films that I actually do like.  These posts, though, will be necessarily rare since the resource from which they spring is so limited.

So, here we go…

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